H.E.L.P. Locations

H.E.L.P. is managed and operated entirely by dedicated volunteers who work to provide much needed legal assistance to the homeless in their cities. Shelters and other service providers host the clinics, making meeting space available, providing office supplies and equipment, and communicating with clients to ensure that they know when and where they can meet with a lawyer.

“Time is precious and expensive. There is a lot of pressure, so it’s a special thing when a larger firm makes time for participation in something like this. The partners reduced our hours by 10% so we could get out in the community and help the city we live in.”

Maurice Ruffin, H.E.L.P. Volunteer

Attorneys from big and small practices, from varied areas of practice, volunteer their time to meet with the clients and to follow up on their legal problems. Law students, paralegals, and notaries provide valuable support. All of these volunteers share a commitment to serving their communities and improving the lives of individuals struggling with homelessness.

The original base of H.E.L.P. volunteers recruited by Judge Jay Zainey in New Orleans has now grown to include hundreds of volunteers in cities across the nation. Click on a city below to see who’s leading H.E.L.P. in your community.