“We met a gentleman who lost everything so he had no birth certificate and his state id expired years ago. He wanted to apply for Social Security but he could not because he did not have sufficient identification. He had hit a dead end because he could not get a birth certificate without a state id and he could not get a state id without a birth certificate. After several phone calls to each agency without any luck, we finally reached the right person and learned that all we needed to do was to send a letter on firm letterhead stating that we represented him and that he is who he says he is. With that simple letter he obtained a birth certificate and state id so he can now apply for benefits.”

Chicago H.E.L.P. Volunteer

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Service Locations

  • REST
    941 W. Lawrence Avenue 4th floor
    Contact: Kathleen Ahler
    [email protected]
    (773) 784-0909
  • Deborah’s Place Center
    1530-32 N. Sedgwick (Brown Line Sedgewick Stop)
    Contact: Kim Wright
    [email protected]
    (312) 944-0909
  • Chicago Coalition to End Homelessness
    Contact: Laurene Heybach
    [email protected]
    (800) 940-1119

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The Law Project of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Contacts: